Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions

USA gymnastics team embarks on a 40 city tour across the country

Photographs via the New York Times

This past summer, the 2012 Olympics captivated the World as the USA women’s and men’s Gymnastics teams delivered solid, jaw-dropping routines. USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny is proud to announce these inspiring athletes as part of the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions, coming to Glendale, Arizona September, 14.

Meet the Gymnastics Champions

Gabby Douglas: Nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel’ for the air she gets during her release moves on the uneven bars, Douglas scored a 63.232 during the all-around final pulling her in front of Viktoria Komova  with a score of 61.973. Douglas claimed two gold medals, including her all-around medal and USA team medal. She later competed in the individual events, balance beam and uneven bars. Though Douglas did not receive a medal, she placed seventh in balance beam and eighth in uneven bars.

Alexandra Raisman: Raisman was the team captain of The Fierce Five, including Douglas, Maroney, Ross, Wieber and herself, which won the team an all-around gold medal. During her floor routine, she stuck every landing, earning another gold medal. Rasiman also earned a bronze medal during the balance beam final.

McKayla Maroney:  Maroney delivered a seemingly perfect vault during team finals, propelling her team into first place. She received the highest score in the competition, at 16.233. Vault was the only event she competed in, due to a broken toe. In the vault final, Maroney’s feet slipped out from under her, causing her to fall on her second vault. Fortunately, she still earned a silver medal.

Kyla Ross: Ross was the youngest member on the U.S team at 15-years-old. By hitting her routines, Ross contributed a score on uneven bars of 14.933 and a balance beam score of 15.133 during team finals. 

Jordyn Wieber: Wieber placed fourth in qualifications for the all-around. Each country has a maximum of two athletes that advance into the all-around finals. When Wieber’s dream of becoming all-around champion was crushed, she was heartbroken. Facing this loss made her fight even harder. During the team finals, Wieber contributed great scores on vault, uneven bars and floor, helping the team earn the all-around gold.

 John Oroczco: Oroczo competed in the team all-around final and qualified for the individual all-around. After an inadequate pommel horse routine, Orozco scored a low 12.566, placing eighth.

Jonathan Horton: Horton attended the 2008 Olympics, where his team received bronze during the team final and earned silver for his clean routine on high bar. Once again, Horton was part of the 2012 Olympic team, where he ranked sixth on the high bar.

Jake Dalton: With the highest combined scores on vault and floor, Dalton confirmed a spot on the 2012 Olympic team at two qualification meets. During individual events, Dalton ranked fifth on one of his favorite events, floor, with a score of 15.333.

The country wide tour travels to 40 cities, including Las Vegas, San Diego, San Jose and luckily Glendale. On September 14, local Arizonans will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of gymnastics. In addition to the members of the 2012 Olympic team, they will be joined by Nastia Liukin, previous all-around champion, and other USA Olympic medalists. Throughout the show, these athletes showcase extravagant and creative routines in men’s, women’s, rhythmic, and acrobatic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling.

Senior Macy DeLisa experienced this firsthand when she attended the show in 2008.

“It was very entertaining to watch the athletes in an environment they’re not normally in. The routines were very high energy, because they perform to popular music and have fun costumes instead of their normal competition leotards,” DeLisa said.

Since London, Americans watched as Gabby Douglas excelled in the all-around finals and became the fourth U.S gymnast to claim all-around champion. We watched as Alexandra Raisman stuck every landing during her final floor routine and also came out on top. We watched John Orozco and Jonathon Horton impress the judges with their perfect dismounts from the high bar, after completing superb routines. And we watched McKayla Maroney deliver a seemingly perfect vault during team finals, propelling her team into first place. The Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions allows us to celebrate and finally welcome our Olympians home.

- Natalie Orr, Staff Writer

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