Passion Pit Concert Review

Passion Pit plays with passion to a pit of Passion Pit fans

Photograph via Mitch Burke

Right now, Passion Pit holds the coveted position as indie music’s “party-starters.” Most people have heard their signature synth squiggles erupt from movie trailers, car windows and Taco Bell ads, and yet they are still small enough that seeing them live is somewhat intimate. In the middle of a sea of people singing along with every chorus lead singer Michael Angelakos belted out at their September 11 concert in Phoenix, fans forget all about this intimacy, throwing their arms up in the air and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Walking out onto the stage to a flurry of excited screams from the amped up audience, the band went straight into their new single “Take a Walk,” a driving and forceful song full of catchy hooks and sparkling synths. The crowd responded with enthusiastic leaps and sing-a-longs that created a feeling of unity through the surprisingly diverse concert-goers. After Angelakos quickly exchanged a greeting with the crowd, the band jumped right into their first album’s highlight “The Reeling,” which set the stage for the band’s decision to focus on older-leaning material rather than tracks from their new album “Gossamer.”

Only six songs from ‘Gossamer’ were played in their hour plus set, but nobody really seemed to be concerned about the lack of new material while the show was going on. Fans had a great time letting loose to tracks like “Eyes as Candles” and “Carried Away,” singing along with every word and getting a little too close for comfort in the packed venue.  Plus, the band still had “Sleepyhead” in its arsenal of songs, the closest thing Passion Pit has to a bona fide hit. The arrival of “Sleepyhead” was a cause for celebration, as evidenced by streamers falling from the ceiling, covering the ecstatic crowd in their multi-colored sheen. 

Passion Pit put on an undeniably fun show that had the crowd dancing and singing the entire time. Even though the band’s set-list could be seen as disappointing to some, nobody denied that Passion Pit just got through playing one heck of a fun show.

- Mitch Burke, Blueprint Freelance Journalist 


  1. This reviewer certainly knows what he is talking about. Somebody should give him a raise.

  2. This is so cool! I wish I could've gone to this concert!


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