VOICES OF PINNACLE: The Yearbook Staff

A Behind the Scenes Look at Yearbook

Photography via Natalie Orr 

Beyond the door of F109, 31 yearbook students break into a random “wobble session” as they extend their work into the late evening hours. While the staff has some fun to release stress, they also contribute hours of work in order to meet the expectations of the award-winning yearbook, "Pinnacle Pathways." Copy Editor Natalie Orr interviewed the Yearbook editors and their new adviser to learn more about what goes into making the yearbook. 

Editor-In-Chief Meriam Avades
Explain your deadlines. How many pages do you have to have finished in a certain amount of time?
We have four deadlines per year, plus one final deadline for spring sports and final week pages. During each of the four deadlines, we turn in 112 pages. The final deadline is only 48 pages. 
What's your favorite Yearbook memory?
There are way too many memories in Yearbook that are my favorites. The best moment last year was submitting the final double page spread in March; I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and cried tears of joy. This year, I really love late nights; the staff is able to balance fun and work, which makes things more fun. 

Editor-In-Chief Sydney Bradshaw 
What is your editing role comprised of?
Being an editor means that I have a lot more influence over what direction the book will take, which is one of the reasons I was interested in the position. An editor also has the enormous responsibility of training the staff (95% of our staffers were rookies this year), editing student work and answering an endless 
amount of questions. 
How has the transition been to a new adviser?
The transition has been very smooth. I think everyone was a little worried when they heard that Mrs. Bolton was leaving after ten years of advising the publication, but Ms. Flint has really stepped up and so have all of the returners.

Sports Editor Sarah Mattke
What is your favorite event to cover?
I like covering track because you have the opportunity to cover different events in the one meet and it takes place while the sun's still up, which produces better pictures because we aren't fighting with our cameras to get the right settings, so the pictures aren't blurry.

Editor-In-Chief of Senior Section and Academics Editor Anna Almodovar
What do you do for fun in yearbook to reduce stress?
This year we started to have mini dance sessions to help relieve stress. We also jam out to music, make fishgrams (thank you notes in the shape of fishes) and have a spirit stick!

Student Life Editor Leah Schar 
What are some of the challenges you face in yearbook?
My biggest challenge would have to be people not responding! A lot of students don't understand what yearbook really entails, so they just don't have any rush or sense of importance. I don't blame them though, if I wasn't in yearbook I don't think I would fully understand what a high-demanding class it is! 

Clubs Editor and Business Manager Kavitha Ramohalli
Why do you continue to take Yearbook?
I continue to take Yearbook because it helps me prepare for real life experiences. It allows me to be responsible for something that is bigger than just a grade but is something for an entire student body. It is such a great feeling to finally get a book in print and you open up to a page and you see your name. You feel so accomplished that all the stress, work, and deadlines seem like gnats on a windshield compared to the view.

Yearbook Adviser Monica Flint
Compared to other yearbooks you have seen, how does Pinnacle's Yearbook compare?
Pinnacle Pathways is one of the largest books I have seen. We publish 428 pages while most other yearbooks are significantly smaller. We also publish a chronological book, which means we report Pinnacle events on a week-by-week basis. It's definitely challenging for the staff, who has to be highly organized and also work with each other to complete weekly spreads. All the hard work, dedication and late nights pay off, though; the yearbook wins awards from student publication organizations each year.

- Natalie Orr, Copy Editor 

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