Sharing the Amor

Early on Friday, December 18, members of the Spanish Honors Society (SHS) from Pinnacle High School (PHS) hastily loaded vans chock full with presents while 65 sixth-grade students excitedly waited for their arrival. Over 60 SHS members joined the classrooms at Palomino Intermediate School to deliver presents and interact with their students. Each student received approximately $20 worth of personal gifts and a $20 food card, all purchased by the SHS members. Unfortunately, Palomino Intermediate School is situated in one of the most impoverished sections in Phoenix, AZ. Catherine McCauley, a Spanish teacher and one of the sponsors of SHS, taught at one of the schools in this zone during the 1990s.
“There’s been a lot of improvement since the 90s. The community used to have the highest crime rate [in Phoenix],” said McCauley.
Despite these hardships, the community has progressed greatly by establishing a St. Vincent de Paul center, a Boys and Girls Club, and Goodwills nearby.
After several years of SHS sponsorship, the kids look forward to the day each year, as each child is assigned a SHS member to interact with for the day. McCauley couldn’t be more proud of her students and their level of dedication and human kindness.

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