Tips to Keep College Applications Stress Free

By Firesam
Applying to Colleges Without the Stress
The time of year has arrived where every senior’s stress level raises because college applications are awaiting, and the deadlines just keep getting closer. In order to calm your nerves, here are a few tips on how to handle this stressful task and make it easier for yourself.
First make a list of the colleges you would like to apply to. Making a list will help you not only visualize all that info, but also get you on an organized path.
Secondly, make sure to do your best to apply for early admission or at least for a deadline that precedes the last one. Do not wait until the very last deadline possible to submit your application. Submitting that application on time is a crucial part to the application process. Not only do most schools not accept late applications, but if you do wait until the last deadlines there are less spots available, so your chance of getting a spot in the college is decreased greatly. Lastly, being a student who applies as a part of the early acceptance group, you will show the college reps that you are not only serious in your interest in their college, but also that you are able to balance your schoolwork with a tight deadline; a positive feature in all retrospects.
Next set a reminder on your phone for each deadline. Setting reminders on your phone is the best way to make sure all your applications have been sent on time. The reminder must be set at least several days before the application is actually due because each application is very time consuming. Setting the reminder a week or two prior to the actual deadline and make sure it goes off at least once a day, will help you complete it on time. Our phones are great tools so use it to your advantage to decrease the stress coming with all the deadlines awaiting you.
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Lastly take your time with the application. Instead of going out on Friday night, choose to stay home and complete your college applications, so that they are not weighing on your conscience. Since most colleges don’t do interviews with their applicants anymore your application is the only way for you to truly shine for the representative. Read thoroughly through all the directions accompanying the application and make sure they are followed.
Following these few, but simple tips will ensure that your college applying experience is as stress free as possible. Meeting important application deadlines and putting in the time to create a through application will increase your chances of acceptance greatly.
- Nikol Popova, Staff Writer

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