Transitioning Into Fall

Tips on transitioning your summer clothes into fall

Tis’ the season, when shorts change into jeans, Pumpkin Spice Lattes make their yearly appearance, and a cool breeze hits the air. Although one can be quick to jump into the fall mood, transitioning your wardrobe as the season progresses is vital, and here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Don’t put that bright summer dress away just yet.
By Robert Sheie via Flickr
You know that dress you spent every breathing moment in the summer? Good news, you don't have to put it away just yet. Add a cover up such as a cardigan, denim jacket, or a leather jacket with a pair of closed toe shoes, and the dress is as good as new for the first month of fall.

2. Mix colors
During the summer months, all things pastel and bright are in full swing. As the fall season quickly approaches, more mustard, turquoise and plum colors start to hit the streets. If you don’t know when to wear what- mix colors! Pairing the popping colors of summer with the earthy tones of fall can help elongate the life of your previous wardrobe.

3. Just add tights!
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If you still want to hold onto a couple of your favorite summer-time dresses, but are afraid of being cold- don’t fret, just add tights! Tights come in many different colors, fabric types, and patterns- perfect for any attire. Throw on a pair under your favorite dress or a pair of shorts, and fear the cold no more.

4. Scarf it up
During the winter months, scarfs are necessary, but in the fall they can be used as fashionable accessories to transition your wardrobe. Adding a grey or oatmeal colored scarf to any attire can quickly give the illusion of a fall themed outfit, all while still wearing those summer essentials.

By Mischelle Moy via Flickr
5. Bring out the sweaters

If you live in a climate that is a bit too chilly to wear just a dress and tights, try adding a sweater. Sweaters paired on top of dresses, with your favorite summer shorts, or even with a bright skirt can quickly change the appearance of the outfit. Having a sweater above or below your favorite summer pieces can add spice, while also keeping you warm as September slips around the corner.

6. Tanks and cover-ups
If you still are in love with the tank top, or short sleeved graphic tee you bought this summer, add a structured blazer or jacket to make the items look brand new. Topping off your outfit with a jacket can further the fall illusion while also making a fashion statement.

-Mikenna Yarmus Gannon, Copy Editor

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